Be a force for change


As rightly said, “Anyone can become a boss, that’s easy but it takes real substance to become a leader.”

This has been an year of growth and new opportunities for all at Nextgen Innovation Labs. Thanks to the CEO, Mr. Mayank Purwar for his continued commitment to the company and his invaluable investment in the employees growth. He has always been an excellent mentor; someone who is very approachable and who takes special care to meet and exceed the expectations of employees. He is a man of his words who always believes in investing in retaining people, improving the culture and work environment through activities and initiatives. Thanks to his approach, Nextgen Innovation Labs can proudly boast of having the lowest attrition rate in the sector. He believes in retaining the most important asset, his people. Also, at the same time he ensures to attract the best talent in the marketplace as the new opportunities pour in the company. Needless to say, his strong attention to detail and entrepreneurial vision is bound to bring out the best from team members.

Nextgen Innovation Labs is committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to be a World Class service provider. It is an excellent employee friendly organisation where employees feel as if, they are mutual partners and not just a part of the workforce. With the vision of a man of strategic marketing and business excellence like Mr. Mayank, a progressive path leading to success is within range for the company.


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